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Cmglee_Great_St_MarysCambridge is one of the cities with all the ingredients to have a fantastic day. It is situated in the northeast of United Kingdom.

There are a lot of monuments in this city, but the tower of Great’s St.Mary is one of the most important one. Since the Tower of Great’s St. Mary you have a beautiful view you cannot lost. The cost to enter inside of the Tower is 14 pounds.
And what about having peaceful boat ride or canoeing by the river Cam? It’s beautiful and before the boat ride you can buy fish and chips for only 3 pounds and eat while the ride. The prize of the boat ride is 8 pounds, but it is worthwhile because while you are observing the fantastic city, an audio guide is telling you the history of this monuments and interesting details.
After that, you can go to the King’s College Chapel to see the beautiful architectural jewel. The King’s College Chapel is beautiful inside and outside because of their glass windows, their organ and we can go to an evensong to hear the choir. And remember, it’s free!
And if we are in Cambridge, we should visit the University of Cambridge, one of the most important in the world. Isaac Newton discovered the law of universal gravity and Albert Einstein, who is considered as one of the most important scientific for presenting the theory of relativity, both of them studied at this University, as many other important people.
At the university we can visit the Botanical Garden, a fantastic area to take a rest in the journey and observe more than thousand different species of trees, bushes and flowers. In this Botanical Garden we can take pictures, eat, read a book and also, enjoy outdoor’s performances.

The parks of Cambridge are big and beautiful, so we choose one between Jesus Green, The Backs, Christ's Pieces or Parker's Piece and let's enjoy with a snack. But if you are not tired, what about to play football, or volleyball in these parks? Or maybe you want to ride a bike through these wonderful parks.

In the evening, we can go to The Eagle. This pub is undoubtedly the most famous of Cambridge and a fundamental stop for all those who visit the city. The pub possesses the privilege of having used as operational headquarters for one of the major scientific discoveries as the history, the DNA. The discovery of the "secret of the life", the DNA.
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·             To have breakfast:
-We can go to Friendly toast in which we can taste good sandwiches. Remember! To eat in this restaurant you have to book table with two days in advance: 6 pounds per person.

- Sofra Bakery & Café: we can drink a big glass of milk with a crêpe of chocolate. Only 5 pounds per person.
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·             To have lunch:
- Near of the Harvard Square we can go to eat to the Border Café, is an Mexican restaurant in which we can have lunch excellent tapas, chicken, seafood and the nachos are free. It cost 12 pounds per person.

- If we want to prove veggie food, we can go to Life Alive and taste their delicious juices and very tasty plates made of vegetables. It cost 10 pounds per person.
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·             To have dinner:
- Mr. Bartley’s Gourmet Burgers: It’s a good place where we can taste original hamburgers with quality meal and good fries potatoes: 14 pounds per person.
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